An atlas of human gametes and conceptuses : an illustrated by Lucinda L. Veeck

By Lucinda L. Veeck

content material: Foreword Preface Acknowledgements A assessment OF HUMAN GAMETES AND CONCEPTUSES Gamete Maturation The Human Oocyte The Human Spermatozoon The Sperm-Penetrated Human Oocyte The Cleaving Human Preembryo Preembryo Grading and measure of Cytoplasmic Fragmentation Preembryos having the ability to Implant irregular Morphology of the Human Oocyte and Conceptus Cryopreservation Assisted Fertilization by way of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Assisted Hatching and Fragment elimination Preimplantation Genetic analysis (PGD) Epilogue Appendix HUMAN GAMETES AND CONCEPTUSES ILLUSTRATED Index. ISBN: 1-85070-016-8 216 pages (Hardback) colour illustrated 98-26503 released: April 1999 $149.95 / GBP100

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Fertil Steril 1974; 25:1 I I I . Englert Y, Puissant F, Camus M, et al. Factors leading to trip ro n u cle a te eggs during human in v itro fe rtil­ ization. H um Reprod 1986; 1:117 6. W o lf JP, D u c o t B, A ym a r C, et al. Absence o f block to polysperm y at the human oolemma. Fertil Steril 1997:67:1095 12. Diam ond MP, Rogers JB, W e b s te r B W , et al. Polyspermy: Effect o f varying stim ulation protoco ls 37 A N ATLAS OF H U M AN GAMETES A N D CONCEPTUSES and inseminating sperm concentrations.

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