Amarna Sunset: Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, Ay, Horemheb, and the by Aidan Dodson

By Aidan Dodson

This new learn, drawing at the most up-to-date study, tells the tale of the decline and fall of the pharaoh Akhenaten’s spiritual revolution within the fourteenth century BC. starting on the regime’s high-point in his 12 months 12, it lines the following cave in that observed the deaths of some of the king’s household, his makes an attempt to assure the revolution via co-rulers, and the final frenzied attack at the god Amun. The ebook then outlines the occasions of the next 5 a long time that observed the extinction of the royal line, an try to position a foreigner on Egypt’s throne, and the accession of 3 military officials in flip. between its conclusions are that the mummy of Tutankhamun was once none except Nefertiti, and that the queen was once joint-pharaoh in flip with either her husband Akhenaten and her son. As such, she used to be herself instrumental in starting the go back to orthodoxy, undoing her erstwhile husband’s life-work sooner than her personal mysterious disappearance.

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However, the matter of Smenkhkare’s religion is complicated by a graffito in the Theban tomb of Pairi (TT139),20 dated a few years after Akhenaten’s death,21 which comprises a prayer to Amun written for a priest of Amun in the Temple of 32 CHAPTER TWO Ankhkheperure. ” An Egyptian king usually had five names, and from the Old Kingdom onwards the two most important were the so-called nomen and prenomen, both written in cartouches (see appendix 2 for those of the Amarna kings). The nomen was generally the king’s birth name, sometimes supplemented by an epithet of some kind.

Relief of Kiya, with head altered and inscription recut to serve as a representation of Meryetaten. From Ashmunein (Copenhagen Ny Carlsberg ÆIN 1775). 15 On the other hand, the identity of the child’s mother has been much debated. Nefertiti has generally been dismissed out of hand, essentially on the basis of the prince’s absence from the family groups at Amarna. 17 This lady has always been something of a mystery. Her title is unique to her—no other royal spouse is known to have used it at any time in Egyptian history—and is always extended to specifically link her to Akhenaten.

25. ” grapes and leaves, and other parts with faience tiles;10 a roofless room lay at the rear of the building. ’”14 Away from Amarna, a now lost block found at the ancient administrative capital of Egypt, Memphis, bears incomplete cartouches that can only be restored as those of Smenkhkare and Meryetaten, and probably once accompanied a depiction of the pair on a temple wall (fig. 19 The aforementioned representation of Smenkhkare in the tomb of Meryre ii shows him beneath the protective rays of the Aten.

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