Alien Digest 1 by Creston

By Creston

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Besides that, country folks like law-breakers, and besides that, he married a Grantham and is kin to half the county. " His wife nodded placidly. "Didn't you see her uptown? " "I wonder how he feels about her," Kerney said. "Ask Tinker," Duncan said. " "You see him as often as I do," Tinker returned. " Kerney laughed. " "It is," Duncan said. But Tinker did not smile. "I love Jimmy," she said. "I really do. " "You can make her jealous, remember," Kerney said. " Canny as he was, he could not have helped knowing, even before he spoke, that he should not have said this.

When he stood before the fireplace, glass in hand, he laughed boyishly—you saw in little flashes like this why Nan Standsbury had found him winning. " "Duncan will agree with you," Kerney said. He was busy finding every chance to put a word in. The older man became more serious. "No, and I agree with Duncan, Kerney. He's quite right. Until we can have whisky legally, people will turn drinking into an indecent and messy business. " "We certainly don't," his wife said. " Kerney remembered hearing of certain parties Marcia Mae 46 was said to have thrown back in the old days, but he said nothing.

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