Affirmations for the Inner Child by Rokelle Lerner

By Rokelle Lerner

We all want optimistic confirmation all through our lives. As childrens, those strong messages helped us to grasp that we have been worthy, that it was once alright to wish foodstuff and to be touched, and that our very life was once a worthwhile reward. The messages that we bought from our mom and dad helped us to shape judgements that decided the process our lives. If we have been raised with constant, nurturing mom and dad, we finish that lifestyles is significant and that folks are to be relied on. If we have been raised with mom and dad who have been addictively or compulsively sick, we ascertain that existence is threatening and chaotic--that we're not deserving of pleasure. those are the an important judgements that effect our lives lengthy once we have forgotten them. regrettably, adolescence judgments do not disappear. they continue to be as dynamic forces that contaminate our maturity. while youth wishes usually are not treated due to abuse or abandonment, we spend our lives viewing the area throughout the distorted belief of a needy youngster or an indignant adolescent. The extra we push those baby elements away, the extra keep an eye on they've got over us. This number of day-by-day meditations is devoted to these adults who're able to heal their adolescence wounds. it really is via this brave attempt that we'll circulation from a lifetime of discomfort into restoration.

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Don't make a mess. My inner child needs to experience the wonder of feeling soft wet glops of earth in her hands, the delight of watching mud snakes coil out from between her toes. She needs to know that she is of the earth. Today I will allow the two-year-old within me the joy of getting dirty and messy. I may put on some old, comfortable clothes and go for a romp in the woods. Or I may get down on my hands and knees in my garden. I love the cool soil on my skin, the sharp, tangy smell. No matter what I choose to do, I will feel a part of the earth.

This day I will look back only to rejoice in what I have accomplished in the year past. I will concentrate only on today I will make the best decisions I can for this day alone, not trying to tackle my whole future. This year I will create positive memories to replace the old. Page 2 JANUARY 2 Infancy Today I listen to the needs of my infant. I am a newborn baby. After nine months within your womb, it will take some time for me to be fully here. Being born was difficult; all I want to do right now is to sleep curled up in a ball.

My reticence about reaching out has kept me disconnected from myself, my environment and other people. Today I will give free rein to the curious toddler within me. I will explore the textures of the world: smooth, rough, pebbly, gritty, wet, dry, hot, cold, sticky, sooty, cool, warm. I will reach out to touch the world around me. Page 21 JANUARY 21 Aging I am lovable at every age. As a child, I was at once fascinated and repelled by old people. Their wrinkly rough faces were so different from my smooth glowing cheeks.

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