Advances in the Studies of Gas Hydrates by Charles E. Taylor, Jonathan T. Kwan

By Charles E. Taylor, Jonathan T. Kwan

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The best estimate parameter values and the coefficient of regression are presented in Table 2. Figure 6 shows a reasonable comparison of the amounts of gas consumed from the gas phase during the hydrate formation period and the results of the integration of R for each time for the non-isothermal calculations. Figure 6. Comparison of experimental and simulation results—NETL run 2. Phenomenological Modeling of Hydrate Formation and Dissociation 39 Figure 7. Comparison of experimental and simulation results—Makogon and Hoditch data [9].

R. su 19 20 A. A. Pomeransky and V. R. Belosludov small molecules initially there can form only nuclei of the structure I hydrates. But big cavities are unstable with single filling by these very small molecules. Then the growth of the structure I nuclei must change to growth of the structure II hydrate. This effect of initial nucleation of structure I with subsequent transition to growth of the structure II hydrate was really observed by Kuhs et al. [1]. Our model suggests that it is just double filling of large cages (here we do not consider hydrogen) explains the mechanism of structure transformation.

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