ADO.NET Cookbook by Bill Hamilton

By Bill Hamilton

Bargains 153 options, whole with code and causes, to difficulties more often than not encountered whilst utilizing ADO.NET to aid info entry in loosely coupled n-tier software architectures. The options show find out how to hook up with information assets from ADO.NET, retrieve information utilizing SQL statements, look for documents in perspectives and tables, reproduction info among ADO.NET periods, bind information to types, and increase program functionality. The code examples are written in C#.

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EventArgs e) { String sqlText = "SELECT Subject, Contents FROM Inbox"; // Build the connection string. GetTempPath( ); // Create the DataAdapter. OleDbDataAdapter da = new OleDbDataAdapter(sqlText, connectionString); // Create and fill the table. 5 interfaces including the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Exchange. The Jet OLE DB provider can access an Outlook or Exchange store. 0;MAPILEVEL=Personal Folders|; PROFILE=Outlook;TABLETYPE=0;DATABASE=c:\temp; The connection string attributes-and-value pairs are described in Table 1-1.

The ChangeDatabase( ) method is used to change the current database for an open connection. It takes a single parameter that specifies the name of the database to use in place of the current database. The name of the database must be valid or an ArgumentException will be raised. If the connection is not open when the method is called, an InvalidOperationException is raised. A provider-specific exception is raised if the database cannot be changed for any reason. The Database property of the Connection object is updated dynamically and returns the current database for an open connection or the name of a database that will be used by a closed connection when it is opened.

When the Connection is closed after ChangeDatabase( ) is called, the database is reset to that specified in the original connection string. NET to access data stored in a text file. Solution Use the OLE DB Jet provider to access data in a text file. txt, shown in Example 1-13, into a 57 58 DataTable and displays the contents in a data grid on the form. Example 1-13. txt "CategoryID","CategoryName","Description" 1,"Beverages","Soft drinks, coffees, teas, beers, and ales" 2,"Condiments","Sweet and savory sauces, relishes, spreads, and seasonings" 3,"Confections","Desserts, candies, and sweet breads" 4,"Dairy Products","Cheeses" 5,"Grains/Cereals","Breads, crackers, pasta, and cereal" 6,"Meat/Poultry","Prepared meats" 7,"Produce","Dried fruit and bean curd" 8,"Seafood","Seaweed and fish" The C# code is shown in Example 1-14.

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