Acts of Faith by Erich Segal

By Erich Segal

They met as young ones, innocents from varied worlds. And from that second their lives have been fated to be ceaselessly entwined. Timothy : deserted at delivery, he unearths a home--and a blinding career--within the Catholic Church. however the vows he's taking can't safeguard him from one soul-igniting ardour. Daniel : The scholarly son of a superb rabbi, he's destined to stick with in his father's footsteps. And destined to wreck his father's center. Deborah : She was once raised to be docile and dutiful--the ideal rabbi's wife--but love will lead her to uprising. And into world's the patriarch may by no means dare imagine.

Reaching throughout greater than 1 / 4 of a century, from the harsh streets of Brooklyn to ultramodern Brasilia to an Israeli kibbutz, and radiating the attractiveness of 2 holy towns, Rome and Jerusalem, this is Erich Segal's so much provocative and bold novel to date--the unforgettable tale of 3 notable lives...and one forbidden love.

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Did you hear that, Racheleh? Suddenly matchmaking has become a beauty contest! " "More than a little," Rena muttered. "Rena," the rabbi pleaded, "he's a pious boy and he'll make you a fine husband. " Good for you, Rena, Deborah thought to herself. " asked the rabbi in a tone of melodramatic astonishment. " Danny suddenly leapt to Rena's aid. ACTS of FAITH 45 "But Father," he interjected. "What about the Code of Law? Even Ha Ever 42:12. " Had this come from anyone but his adored son and heir, Moses Luria would have fumed at having any of his statements questioned.

This is a child's fare. " The woman stared at him. "Hey, kid, do me a favor," she complained. "Make like it's Christmas so I don't hafta rebalance my till sheet. " A little nuts. The words were chilling for a boy on his way to his mother in an insane asylum. M. Tim bought two Baby Ruth bars, which were intended to serve as lunch. But his anxiety had hungry, and more than a took on its made him inordinately he consumed them both half hour before the bus passengers. Feverish with anticipation and desperate to distract himself from thoughts of where he was going, he went downstairs again and bought a Captain Marvel comic.

Deborah could survive all the other ordinary hours of the week merely by reminding herself that at the end ACTS of FAITH 27 were the precious moments when she could be free. When she could let her voice soar above all others. Her voice was exquisite so clear and vibrant that Rachel often had to caution her to sing softly in the synagogue lest it distract the men. Her mother's cheeks shone on the Sabbaths her eyes danced with the music. She seemed to radiate love. One day Deborah learned the special reason.

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