A non-oedipal psychoanalysis? : a clinical anthropology of by Haute, Philippe van; Freud, Sigmund; Geyskens, Tomas; Lacan,

By Haute, Philippe van; Freud, Sigmund; Geyskens, Tomas; Lacan, Jacques

E-book by way of Van Haute, Philippe, Geyskens, Tomas

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She breaks loose and runs away. Freud does not doubt for a moment that it concerns a real incident. ) the behaviour of this child of fourteen was already entirely and completely hysterical. I should without question consider a person hysterical in whom an occasion for sexual excitement elicited feelings that were preponderantly or exclusively unpleasurable” (Freud 1905a, 28). Here Freud seems to hark back to Breuer, for whom the aversion to sexuality was an important factor in the hysterical disposition.

She can no longer swallow, can no longer speak, she has difficulty breathing, coughs and complains about a sore throat. 27 The introduction of the erotogenic zones does not contradict this view but complements it. The lips and mouth are an erotogenic zone, used during infancy to gain pleasure through, for instance, thumb-sucking. This source of desire is later ‘repressed’, which implies that the oral desire keeps pressing through but now produces displeasure instead of pleasure. In this regard, Freud writes the following in Three Essays: “It is not every child who sucks in this way.

It will be recalled that we divide the pathogenic determinants concerned in the neuroses into those which a person brings along with him into his life and those which life brings to him—the constitutional and accidental—by whose combined operation alone the pathogenic determinant is as a rule established. The general proposition, then, which I have alluded to above, lays it down that the grounds for determining the choice of neurosis are entirely of the former kind—that is, that they are in the nature of dispositions and are independent of experiences which operate pathogenically” (Freud 1913b, 317, our italics).

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