A Case for Partial Prestressing by Bruno Thürlimann (auth.)

By Bruno Thürlimann (auth.)

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Example text

3}, {4}, {S}, {6}) and at other p1aces. Here on1y a selection of results is presented. The inf1uence of the degree of prestress A on the deflection of beams is given in Fig. 20. Obviously the resu1ts follow the theoretical expectations. 8 P p an increase in prestress A produces a decrease of the def1ections. Approaching u1timate load the def1ections become more and more equal. The tests have not been carried to failure in order to perform additional shear tests on the specimens. E The experimental ultimate bending moments M x of a number u of tests are compared with the theoretica1 values Mth in u Fig.

E. the creep strain of a plain concrete specimen at time infinity is equal to twice the instantaneous elastic strain, deflection curves for a load transfer girder in a multi-story building are drawn. It should be indicated that the construction sequence has not been taken into account. The three cases (1) reinforced concrete, (2) full prestress and (3) partial prestress are considered. e. removal of form work, and w (DL) for time t = 00 00 after creep and shrinkage are given. The additional live load deflection w(LL) is considered to be instantaneous without an influence of creep and shrinkage.

In a continuous girder bridge for example the e~treme moment values show great variations. A fully prestressed solution requires in many instances additional cables over the supports. If partial prestressing is used a constant pr~stressing forc~ over the entire length is applied. The extreme moment sections are then covered with additional reinforcing steel. Such solutions lead to greater economy. The'latter is also influenced by the relative costs of ordinary and prestressing steel. Fig. 18 shows the price development in Switzerland over the years 1958 to 1970.

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