40 Days to Better Living—Hypertension by Dr. Scott Morris, Church Health Center

By Dr. Scott Morris, Church Health Center

Millions adventure excessive blood pressure—and forty Days to higher residing: high blood pressure presents transparent, workable steps so you might deal with it, via life-changing attitudes and activities.

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Are there any parallels in Moses’ story to your own journey? Medical Medical setbacks, such as learning about hypertension, can be devastating. Such setbacks need not be the end of the world, nor should they be cause to give up. Today, write out a plan for dealing with medical setbacks to discuss when you next meet with your primary care provider. Movement On Day 1 you went for a walk. Go for another walk today and try to push yourself to walk a little farther. Again, do not exhaust yourself, but remember that you cannot grow if you do not step outside of your current limits.

Family and Friends We have collective habits as well as individual habits. Today, think about the last time you were together with your family. Write about that time. Did you eat? Play games? Argue? What are your collective habits? Nutrition Most of us have formed rather poor nutritional habits, including drinking soda. Don’t drink your calories today. Substitute water or unsweetened iced tea for sugary soda. ) Evening Wrap-Up Jesus left there and went along the Sea of Galilee. Then he went up on a mountainside and sat down.

Make a note in your journal so that you can track your progress. Work Work can be many things—your job, volunteering, hobbies, gardening, parenting. ” As you move forward on this journey, finding how to make healthy choices while you work will be important. Emotional As you set out on this journey, remember that emotional wellness is a crucial part of overall wellness. Today, take five minutes and write about your feelings as you begin this journey. What do you feel? Excitement? Fear? Nervousness?

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