2^m*4^n designs with resolution III or IV containing clear by Zhao S., Zhang R.

By Zhao S., Zhang R.

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As an emergency-room doctor, I see the outcome of these processes all the time. It may be helpful to describe the biologic response to stress. The purpose of the response to stress is the mobilization of energy from 26 O p t i m a l S t r e s s the body’s storage sources (such as liver and fat cells) to fuel the fightor-flight response. This energy is delivered to the systems that are critical for fight or flight: namely, to the muscles in your legs in case you need to run away and to the brain for improved thinking and memory.

These events are sharply delineated, meaning they have a recognizable beginning and end, and they require you to make a rapid adjustment of some kind, whether physical, practical, or psychological. Consider this real-life example of how the loss of a loved one can affect an entire family. The sudden death of my father four years ago was very stressful. He had been a consistent source of support to me. Since his passing, our family dynamic has changed. My middle sister has taken on much of the burden for handling my mother’s finances and making major decisions.

The first step in bringing the stress process under control is to identify these signs, which will differ in some ways for each individual, and to connect them to the events and situations in your life that trigger the stress response. The range of potential triggers is extremely broad, from a sudden, unexpected crisis to the incessant barking of the dog next door. Random disruptions to your life, such as the loss of a spouse or a loved one, a natural disaster, getting laid off, or a serious illness or injury, fall into the category of acute stressors.

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