1364.1-2002 IEEE Standard for Verilog Register Transfer

General syntax and semantics for VerilogR HDL-based RTL synthesis are defined during this normal.

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4—In the absence of the attribute, a synthesis tool may still perform sharing. "] *) This attribute shall apply to an always block that infers edge-sensitive storage devices. If no edge-sensitive storage device is inferred in the block, a warning shall be issued. This attribute shall also apply to a module in which case, it shall apply to all always blocks in that module. If no edge-sensitive storage devices are inferred for the block, a warning shall be issued. The presence of the attribute shall cause the set/reset logic to be applied directly to the set/reset terminals of an edge-sensitive storage device if such a device is available in the technology library.

2 The force and release procedural statements Not supported. 5 Case statement case_statement ::= case ( expression ) case_item { case_item } endcase | casez ( expression ) case_item { case_item } endcase | casex ( expression ) case_item { case_item } endcase case_item ::= expression { , expression } : statement_or_null | default [ : ] statement_or_null function_case_statement ::= case ( expression ) function_case_item { function_case_item } endcase | casez ( expression ) function_case_item { function_case_item } endcase | casex ( expression ) function_case_item { function_case_item } endcase 48 Copyright © 2002 IEEE.

13 Conditional operator Supported. 14 Concatenations Supported. 15 Event or Supported. 1 Vector bit-select and part-select addressing Supported. 2 Array and memory addressing Supported. 3 Strings Supported. 3 Minimum, typical, and maximum delay expressions constant_expression ::= constant_primary | unary_operator { attribute_instance } constant_primary | constant_expression binary_operator { attribute_instance } constant_expression | constant_expression ? { attribute_instance } constant_expression : constant_expression | string constant_mintypmax_expression ::= constant_expression | constant_expression : constant_expression : constant_expression expression ::= primary | unary_operator { attribute_instance } primary | expression binary_operator { attribute_instance } expression | conditional_expression | string mintypmax_expression ::= expression | expression : expression : expression constant_primary ::= constant_concatenation | constant_function_call | ( constant_mintypmax_expression ) | constant_multiple_concatenation 40 Copyright © 2002 IEEE.

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