100 questions & answers about gastroesophageal reflux by David L Burns; Neeral L Shah; Lahey Clinic

By David L Burns; Neeral L Shah; Lahey Clinic

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From the bloodstream, medications can act on various organs. All medications have desired actions and possible side effects. Sometimes when a medicine is prescribed for one problem, it can end up leading to another problem. Every individual’s body can react differently to various medications, and it is not always possible to predict drug effects and side effects. Some medications can exacerbate GERD. 44 Some medications can exacerbate GERD. Good examples are certain blood pressure drugs. Antihypertensive medications, or medications for high blood pressure, are of many types and have multiple mechanisms of action to effect lower blood pressure.

Finally, the chest is made up of many muscles and bones. Costochondritis, or arthritis of the chest wall, can also produce chest pain. These are only a few of the conditions that can mimic GERD. Please note that all of these conditions have serious risks and can be life-threatening. It might be difficult for you to identify the cause of your chest pain because the pain resulting from any of the conditions mentioned can be so similar at times. If you experience symptoms, see a doctor to look into the cause.

It is called a sliding type because the stomach can slide in and out of the chest. The other type of hiatal hernia is called a paraesophageal hernia. A paraesophageal hernia is a condition in which the stomach slides up into the chest through the hiatus alongside the esophagus. Paraesophageal hernias are more common in those older than 70 years. In a paraesophageal hernia, the stomach is in the chest though its blood supply comes through the diaphragm from the abdomen. The blood supply can be interrupted if the blood vessels twist.

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